John Cummings – Southcote

Loved the photo! I am going to create a new page under the “My Southcote” tab on the Home page and call it “Memories and Trivia” and will put your photo there.  Very pleased to hear of your connection to Tom Bucknall – he was a great guy – died far too young. And also fascinated that your husband Martin is both an old boy of Reading School and a school governor.  Yes – the Old Boys know me well!!  A few years ago, following a series of emails with three other old boys from my year, I developed a web site – – tracking what happened to the 90 or so boys who started out at Reading School in September 1952. I had wanted the web site to be public hoping to attract interest from other guys in our year who might stumble across it but several guys argued that if it was public, then they wanted out so I had no choice but to set it up as a login site only and to ask Google to ignore it. But as I have developed and maintained the site with no help from anyone else, I have always reserved the right to give access to others I feel might find the site interesting.  The web site is well received by the guys from our year and a number of them now meet every year at the Caversham Golf Club. There is a lot of information on the web site and I sometimes think that other old boys from other years could do something similar. If Martin is interested in having a look at what I have done, I am happy to give him a temporary login and password for him to have a look at it.

If you go to my “My Reading” web site and go to the “Posts” page, you will see posts from a number of ex Coley people – in fact my Coley email list has about 30 people in it and many of them are people who have stumbled across the site – and they have provided a lot of interesting information. I would be more than happy to take any information from you – stories, photos, anecdotes etc and put them up on my “My Southcote” page and you never know who might stumble across it and provide further information.

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