Welcome to My Reading

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This started out as a personal record of my life in Reading from about 1943 onwards. Some of the pictures on this web site are courtesy Google Maps. If anyone I have named on this web site objects to being mentioned here, I will happily remove the entry – click here to contact me.

I started this web page on New Year’s day 2012. My reason for doing so was two fold. Firstly – one of my sons has asked me to document as much as I can about my childhood years for their family tree activities, and this is the best way for me to do it. Secondly – with the help of other former and present inhabitants of Reading, it will improve the web site and might act as a partial reference for them and their families as well.

I emigrated to Australia in 1966 and lived for most of that time in Melbourne. I married and have three sons. My first wife – Patricia – died from Multiple System Atrophy in 2004.

I have remarried and now live in Anglesea – on the iconic Great Ocean Road – near Melbourne in Australia.

For anyone interested, I have a bio at

There are four sections to this web site.

The first one is My Coley which covers the period from about 1943 up to about 1953 for me although has been expanded to accommodate other people’s interests.

The second section is My Southcote which is still under construction.

The third section is St James School near the Forbury Gardens.

The fourth section is a brief intro to my time at Reading School.

John Cummings aka JC aka the surfcoastwombat