Reading School

I have created a web site at in an attempt to chronicle as much as I can of the boys who started out with me at Reading School in September 1952 and those boys who joined our year in later years.

It isn’t easy tracing people you haven’t had any contact with for over 50 years but as at 1 March 2012 I have contact details for 60 out of the total of 98.  Six have passed away that I am aware of and 32 are unaccounted for.  As expected, not all the guys from our intake want to participate, and I don’t have an issue with that.  Again, as at 1 March 2012 I have active pages for 44 guys.

Guys I am still trying to trace are:

Peter (PJ) Bell – Anthony (AD) Brown – Garth (RG) Jones – David (DA) Palmer – Vivian Rich – Bob (RA) Ruskin – David (DN) Shorter – Alan (AJ) Wickens – Bob (HR) Brake- Alan Cooper (Royal Navy) – Brian (BC) Elliott – Peter (PJ) Lee – John (JC) Lumley – Keith (KD) Palmer – Sandy (AJ) Phillips – Michael (MA) Robinson – RV Round – Roger (RN) Stock – Andrew Townsend- -Roy Adamson- -Chris (CL) Burgess – David (DG) Edwards- -Michael (MP) Kelly – Michael (MC) Lock – WDM Beveridge – Stanley (SP) Johnson – Terry (TJ) Carr – Chris (CR) Curwen – Peter (PJ) Evans – John (JS) Perrin – Ian (IL) Smith – Peter (PJ) Wright

The Home page for the class of 1952 is the only page that is public.  To access any of the other pages, interested people must apply for membership.   Membership is automatic to all boys who started at Reading School in 1952 or joined our year after that.  We understand that there could be other interested parties who would like to join and anyone wishing to do so can apply and their request will be reviewed.

All comments or suggestions are welcome.

John Cummings, January 2012, Anglesea, Australia