Brion House – Coley

Brion House sent me the following photos (27-11-2012) and I think they are fantastic.

Click on each thumbnail to expand the photo in a new window. The1st photo is the Red Lion pub, the 2nd is Coley Steps 1911, the 3rd is Coley Steps 1953, the 4th is St Saviour’s church and the 5th is Wolseley Street during the war.

The last one is brilliant. It shows a group of ladies attending the wheelbarrow of a travelling fruit and vegetable seller and a milkman across the road with his milk cart. I can say with absolute certainty that the old fellow sitting outside his house in the middle of the photo is Mr Bryant senior. He was always sitting there when I was a little boy – I was a bit in awe of him because he seemed so old!! And I’m probably older now than he was then!! Then one day, he wasn’t there, and someone said he was having “trouble with his waterworks”! I wonder if anyone can identify anyone else in this photo?

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