People I have made contact with in creating this web page include:

Bernie Millam who used to live in Garnett Street.

Audrey Hora (nee Millam – Bernie’s sister) who now lives in Tilehurst. Audrey has given me a lot of good information.

Nora Neville (nee Thompsett) who lived in Brook Street West in the early years of their marriage.

Ken Rose who used to live at 100 Wolseley Street.

Dez Maule who was at St James RC school with me in our primary school years, and also at Reading School, and who now lives in Burradoo in New South Wales, Australia.

Ann Mitchell (nee Beavis) whose father was the caretaker at Coley PS from 1949 till he passed away in 1969. She said they lived in a house at the back of the school playground. She tells me she is still in contact with Jenny Bristow – now Jenny Ballard, who emigrated to Australia in 1970 and lives in San Remo not far from Melbourne.

Jenny and John Ballard – San Remo near Melbourne, Australia.

Pauline Winterbourne (nee Wiggins) who lived at 115 Wolseley Street with the Millam’s maternal grandmother.

Robert Coombs – who didn’t live in Coley but has helped me out with my Reading School web site and has supplied me with useful information for this web site.

Steve Mills – son of Alf Mills – who lived at 127 Wolseley Street.

Filipe (Phillip) Morgado who currently resides at 100 Wolseley Street.

Juliet Green who purchased 57 Wolseley Street – next door to Alf and Ethel Mills – in 1996.

Marcia Tegg (nee Hughes) – daughter of Carrie and Jim Hughes of 31 Garnet Street.  Her Nan lived at 38 Wolseley Street.

Jayne Grainger (nee Rex) whose father owned the former Brickmaker’s Arms in Wolseley Street.

Jackie Ward (nee Maskell) who lived at 28 Wolseley Street 3 doors away from the Brickmaker’s Arms.

Brion House whose grandmother Beatrice House lived in 72 Wolseley Street with her daughters Grace, Elizabeth and Violet and son Bertie.

David Wiffen whose family moved in to Boston Avenue in 1952.

Roy Merryweather who used to live in Dover Street.

Carole Fullbrook – now Carole Gardner – daughter of Win Fullbrook.

Geoffrey Weller – brother of Tony, Janet and W endy – lived in Bright Street.

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