Juliet Green – Coley

I have found your website fascinating as I lived for a brief period in Wolseley St, number 57. In fact, it was my first house, bought in 1996. I lived next door but one to a lovely old couple Alf and Ethel. Unfortunately Ethel passed away whilst I lived there but Alf was as strong as an ox. He was fitter than most guys of his age, taking a daily fast walk into town. He used to feed my cat for me too! The reason I mention him is that he was born in that house (61) and he used to have very fond memories of the area and Coley and tell me stories of when he was a boy. What he didnt know about Coley wasnt worth knowing!! I often think about him and wonder if he is still alive. If he is, I am sure he can help you piece together some memories. As a side point my mum is a leading researcher on lido’s. Although Coley baths wasnt exactly a lido I am sure she has some information to share. She is instrumental in a current campaign to renovate Kings Meadow baths. I will check with her and come back to you about Coley baths.

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