Geoff Weller – Coley

I would just like to add to Dez’s comments about Di’s Articles about Coley.They are beautifully written and I can remember well all of those fond memories, about Charlie Martin the pig man, he used to live in Parnell Street just around the corner from us in Bright Street. Also the Co op Baker and his horse walking on ahead. Bonfire Nights on the Buildings, and Simmonds Brewery Shire Horses in Fobney St. Also Jean Mayo was a keen Dancer. I used to roller skate down Stoney Hill and try to turn into Wolesley St delivering papers, not always successfully. Could you also ask Di to look at my post in January 2013 and look at the picture of us children on Coley Steps. I am interested to know if she is in the group.I am sure that one of the girls there is a Diane.

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