Geoff Weller – Coley

I have just found a photo of Coley School Coronation Celebrations in 1953,  where we are dressed as Elizabethans.  Back row from left –  Veronica Pyke, Ann …., Wendy Smith, Pamela Hathaway, cant’ remember, Janice Watkins, my Sister Wendy Weller,  don’t know.  Front row from left – myself Geoffrey Weller and Derek Watkins dressed as trumpeters.  I think there is another John in the centre.  Does anyone know the other names I have forgotten?  I think Jayne Grainger is in touch with Veronica Pyke, or Carole maybe.
Derek and Geoffat Coley School 1953 Coronation CelebrationsDerek and Geoff

Note: The reason the photo is in twice is because I have fiddled with it to make it larger and therefore easier to see without losing too much resolution. So the first photo is Geoff’s original and the second is my rehash of it.

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