Geoff Weller – Coley

I have attached a map of Coley, circa 1920’s.

coley map

Bright St had the Holy Brook at one end and Simmonds Brewery Malt Houses at the Other.  Behind the Malt Houses, Simmonds had their stables,which were acessed from Fobney St by the River Kennet. They had some lovely dray horses for when they delivered the beer locally. We used to see the horses.  Also, when the Circus was in town the animals were kept there. Bright St was cleared in the late 1960’s early 70’s for the infamous Reading Ring Road, that still is not a ring and just takes traffic to the traffic jam quicker. On the approximate site of Bright St there are some new buildings now and the street name is New Bright St.  So at least it retains a Coley Link.
At the weekend I saw Tony’s Jeanette, and mentioned your name, and she remembers you and your family living in the top flat.
I also remembered who lived opposite in the end two houses nearest the church hall.  Ron White and family lived in one.  Ron later played for Reading FC as a pro.  Also a school friend of mine called Kenny Baker and his family.

By the way,do you remember Ann Downs, who lived in Southcote but attended Coley School? She also went to Australia I beleive.

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