Carole Gardner – Coley

I have a photo of Rose and Herbert Lawrence (my grandparents) with Win (my mum) next to Rose, and Lily (mum’s sister) next to Herbert. This was probably taken around 1940.


My mum and dad were living with mum’s parents Rose and Herber at 151 Wolseley Street up to April 1946, when they moved out to live in a room in a house in Boston Avenue.  I was born in September that year and mum, dad and I moved back into 151 for a while in October 1947.  Some time after that, we had a year or so with my dad’s parents in Upper Crown Street, near Venners the pig factory.  Lovely area!! before getting a council house in Whitley in 1950. As you were a very young boy at this time, it’s not surprising you didn’t really know our family.

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