Jackie Ward – Coley

Hello John
Thank you for your very quick reply. Yes, the article which attracted our attention was firstly the picture featured a few weeks ago, the netball team. My Mum was able to name quite a few faces and that particular article referred to the the Brickmaker’s Arms photograph which luckily was reprinted for the nest week. My mum had great fun trying to recall some of the people and has loads of stories to tell about everyone. My husband spotted your article in this weeks local paper which led to my email of yesterday.

You may be correct with the spelling of Mackie (not Mackey) and again you are most probably right with Gwen Stearman, it’s just that she loooked how my mum remembered Mrs Vockins.

Reg Maskell, my uncle. I’ll check with my mum later but I’m sure she said that he worked as a teenager for Blundalls (not sure of the spelling) and was in charge of a horse and cart! He went into the navy at a very early age and whilst in the navy he pulled the funeral gun carriage for KingGeorge VI. My uncle passed away a couple of years ago.

I was born in 1961 and my mum was still living in Wolseley Street with her parents as my dad was serving his National Service. She said that when I was due Mary Chambers used to walk with her every evening, a long circuit in an attempt to hurry me along. She said that they always stopped for a bag of chips at the local chip shop.

She’s also got some great stories about the Adams family who I think lived next door to them. She recalls that they too had tin bath that was filled on bath night and then re-emptied bucket by bucket afterwards. Apparently the Adams family didn’t have a bath so used to borrow one from the Maskells. My mum says that Mrs Adams used to call round for the bath and carry it home, next door on her back!!

I know she’s got a picture of the Coley steps and of a Christmas party at the Blue Lion. I’ll scan these and will send them to you.

It is early in the morning here and too early for another chat with my mum. I’ll speak to her tonight and will email you with further information. I’ve also copied her into this email so she may well contact you directly.
Jackie Ward

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