Yasmin York – Coley

Hi! I’m Yasmin, a current resident of Coley! I love your site!

I live on Brook Street West and have done all my life – which is only 18 years long, as I’m not entirely familiar with the references on your site. However, I find it really interesting! I’m very intrigued by the history of my area, I attended Coley Primary School and my great-grandmother also lived in the Coley area at one point (Lower Brook Street, I believe.) I remember that when I was at Coley Primary there was a painting on the stairs of the ‘Coley Steps,’ and I’ve spent years trying to work out where they are/once were. Maybe you could help me out? I’ve love to hear more about your experiences in Reading. If I was to get a tattoo of anything, it would something symbolic of this place.


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