John Cummings – Southcote

Hi Alan

Good to hear from you and to get your comments.  I have been meaning for some time now to add further information to the “My Southcote” page but other things seem to have got in the way!!  Maybe now you have contacted me, I’ll look at it again.  The “My Coley” page developed quite nicely for a while as several people responded and offered information.  It has gone quiet but I still get the occasional email relating to it.

I am trying to remember you and your family and at the moment it is not coming to me – not surprising though as at 73 – nearly 74 – my memory, which was never good at the best of times, is not the best!  The joys of ageing!

Where is 235 Southcote Lane in relation to 242?  I do recall a family directly opposite us – if someone mentioned the surname I would know it – and there was a son and daughter about my age.  I have the Snarey house listed as 263 – you mentioned it was 243 – is that correct?

Re the Moores – they were a lovely family – Dad was a traveller or sales rep and had a van.  Susan I think would have been about ten years younger than me.

Re Harry Thomas – I remember him.  I have a web site for my time at Reading School but it is restricted only to those in my year – not my choice – I would have preferred it to be open but the majority voted to make it a  login site only.    I don’t remember Huw Thomas but there were quite a few Thomas’s at the School.  I do have copies on line of the school magazines so I could probably find him there somewhere.

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