Jo Parsons – Southcote

I’ve been reading your memories of Southcote and found it interesting. I lived at 237 just over the road from you. We moved in in 1952 when I was just 6 months old and knew Raymond very well.

Here are my memories of neighbours, can you add more or maybe correct the ones I’ve listed
Our side of the road:-
231 Percy and E Collins + Brian, Nicholas and Jenny
233 Mr. and Mrs. + Stephanie
235 Nora and Arthur Brown + Carol and Alan
237 Desmond and Irene Redgrave + Alan and Josie
239 Peggy and Eric Thurgar, + Margaret and John
241 Mrs Oshea Kenny Oshea (son) Molly and son Stephen
243 Joy and Ray Snarey, + Pat and David
245 ?
247 Mr. and Mrs. + Sandra
249 Mr and Mrs Hyatt +
Other side of Road
240 Irish couple with no children
242 Mr Leonard and Mrs Delva Cummings + Raymond
244 Mr. and Mrs Moore, + Susan and David
246 Mr. and Mrs Prendergast + 4 boys + Lulu who died of Leukemia
248 Mr. and Mrs. ?
250 Mr. and Mrs. Hounsome
252 Mr. and Mrs Bennet, + Colin and David

My mother lived at 237 until she left aged 91 to live with me but she passed away last year. It would be great to hear more of your memories.

Josie Parsons nee Redgrave

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