Geoff Weller – Coley

Hello Yasmin
I was born in Coley and lived in Bright St,(just the other side of Willow St) from 1943 to about 1967.I also went to Coley Primary School.The Steps were all that remained of the terrace houses from the right side of Coley School to the bottom of Coley St.They also stretched from Coley Place down to Wolseley St.The housing was very poor.No lighting only Parafin Lamps,and no running water or toilets,these were all outside shared with neighbours.Most of the Courts were named after trees or flowers,i.e. Poplar, Hazel and Ivy Courts.If you would like,give me your email address and I will send you a couple of Pictures ,one before and one after (1953)they were demolished,and a map of how it looked before the Ring Road .The Steps were a local landmark as was the area left from the demolished housing which we children used as a playground,We called it the Buildings,We also had bonfires there on Guy Fawkes Night.I hope this helps a little.Regards Geoff Weller

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