Mr Astell – Headmaster

Mr McVeigh – Headmaster from 1949 – took over from Mr Astell and improved the educational standard of the school. He would interrupt classrooms carrying a cane which he whipped against his leg in a threatening manner!

Miss Laine – taught the youngest pupils, particularly music. Dez developed his musical ear from Miss Laine.

Miss Coles (Mrs Moynihan)

Mrs Fuller – prepared pupils for the 11+ exams and was a fair disciplinarian for which she used a 12 inch ruler across the palm of the hands! Dez recalls Anton Karas throwing an absolute fit when Mrs Fuller was trying to punish him!

Mr Hughes

Mr Malone – left in 1950 to teach in Kenya – replaced by Mr Hughes who activated some sports teams for the school. Favourite hymn, “Hail Redeemer King Divine”

Mr Riley

Mr Simmonds

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