Robert Chapman – Coley

Hi – I was born in 1956 in Reading, my mum was from a Reading family, her name was Rita Cook who married my dad Raymond, always known as John Chapman. They will both be celebrating their 80th birthdays this year. My mum’s family was from Stockton Road in Reading – her mum and dad were Mary and Albert Cook. She had 4 brothers, 2 of them Alan and Ray were stepbrothers with surname of Harris. Alan emigrated to Canada and Ray married a German girl called Ruth – they had 4 children – 2 girls called Rita and Sue and 2 boys Billy and Michael. They lived in Southcote and I remember my sister Dawn was a bridesmaid at Billy’s wedding. Michael unfortunately died in an accident I believe in the early 70s. Although both our families were very close after my grannies Mary died in 71 or 2 there was a dispute in family and been no contact since. Does anyone know of the Harris family?  It would be good to make some kind of contact again. My dad’s family is a mystery to me – I know he had 2 sisters who lived in Reading – one older and one younger. He also used to work in the Gasworks, I remember going there when very young, and also worked at Blundells in Castle Street. Be good to contact anybody who knew or remembers these families .

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