John Cummings – Coley

Hi Rachel – I see Geoff Weller has been in touch with you.  Yes – the Coop store is long gone!  The small shop on the corner of Wolseley and Garnet has as well – it was a general store – I knew it as Parsons – used to go in there and buy sweets!  The lady was Alice Parsons.

I suspect that there is still a lot that you haven’t seen on the web site.  I never expected the web site to attract as much attention as it has which is why it was designed in a simple manner.  I suggest you go through each section as there is a lot of stuff in there.  For example, under “My Coley” is a tab called “Memories and Trivia” and another called “Bricklayers Arms” – both would be of interest to your Dad.

I will sent you another email – might take a while to download – with some of the photos for you.  One is of a football team that has Barry Lock in it.  Also – under “Memories and Trivia” is an item I wrote called “Rodney Court and Cranford Mews”?  I had completely forgotten about it!!!  Getting old I’m afraid.  But thanks for your map anyway!!

Under “Posts” there is an item from Juliet Green – 28 June 2012 – where she talks about Alf Atkinson.

Also – under “My Coley” and the “Wolseley and Garnet Streets” tab are 2 copies of pages from the Kelly’s directory listing all the people living there at the time including the Locks!

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