John Cummings – Coley

Hi Rachel – great to hear from you. The name Lock is ringing tiny bells in this tired brain of mine but I can’t put any faces to the name. Number 93 is a few doors down from what used to be the Co-op store on the corner of Garnet Street – in fact almost opposite the school.

I don’t have any photos or memorabilia of my time in Wolseley Street except for the photo that is the banner on my web pages which is an Imperial War Museum photo of Wolseley Street taken just before the end of WW2. I actually purchased that photo from the IWM and had it enlarged and framed and it is on the wall of my study. I have sent you a copy to print off and give to your Dad. I’m sure you probably realise that any photos I have put up on my web pages can be copied and downloaded on to your computer and then printed off which I am happy for you to do.

Some of the people who have written in to my web site will have photos and memorabilia to share if they want to and hopefully will get in touch with you.

I do remember walking down to the end of Wolseley Street, past the church on the right, and then crossing the road and walking through a sort of laneway with a row of terrace houses on the left and then crossing Berkeley Avenue to go up to the Rec. I can’t remember what was on the right except that further to the right was a garage on the corner where I used to take our accumulator (wet battery) to be recharged. Is that area to the left what you call Cranford Mews?

Regards to your Dad and look forward to hearing from you.

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