John Cummings – Coley

With reference to the great picture of Coley people waiting outside the Brickmaker’s Arms about to go on a day trip to Bognor – which in case you don’t remember can be found under the Wolseley Street tab on the home page. Click on the tab, then scroll down to Contributor’s corner and then across to Brickmaker’s Arms.

This photo has appeared on Facebook and some additional names have been suggested. Sue Duffin says that 28 is Tony Mackay and 27 is Terry Mackay, her cousins.  Diane Rayburn says that no. 18 is Tommy Absolom. Michael Millam says that number 22 is his sister Margaret Millam & number 12 is his mother Anne (Nancy) who lived with his father Frank in Garnet Street.

Caitrin Ackerley says that her mother thinks number 7 is Mr Meats from Garnet Street and also thinks that 14 and 15 are the Everett sisters also from Garnet Street.

According to the Kelly’s directing listing I have on the web site, there is a Hector Mears at 1 Garnet Street but I couldn’t find the name Everett on the list.

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