John Boxwell – General

On the subject of Reading; we went there on business last week and I determined that while I was there I would look up some of the recent developments. For a start, the bus we used from the Park and Ride was running on gas; the industrial and housing development on the Basingstoke Road area left me somewhat bemused, as familiar landmarks such as they were in that part of town have almost disappeared. The news recently has been dominated by the start of the electrification of the Great Western Rail network together with the redevelopment of Reading Station. I wandered around Valpy Street (unrecognisable) and the Forbury but the station itself is amazing. One old part of the Victorian station remains but now as a pub/restaurant. The area in front of the station is now on two levels and can be approached from two directions; but it means one can no longer drive past as the concourse is blocked off to traffic. And Broad Street is pedestrianised, with all our familiar buses passing along Friar Street. There are still a few recognisable places. Heelas, for one!
It was an interesting experience!

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