Geofrey Weller – Coley

A couple of photos that might provoke some memories of other Coley School people.
First picture – 1952-53 Primary ‘B’ League:

coley school football team

Back from left: Alan Jenkins, …….Fowler, Teddy Lock, Clive Upton, Joey Gibbs, Barrie Harris.
Front from Left:  Geoff Weller, Derek Lavell, Rod Humphries, John Beech(Captain), Rod Mcquiston?, Gordon Taylor, Ken Matthews.  A couple of us were playing with lads 2 yrs older I think.
Second Team – a year or so later probably,

coley school football team 001

Back from left:   Ken Rose, Barrie Harris, Daryl Evans, Mike Bartlet, Maurice Wheeler, Peter Denton.
Front from left:  David Hathaway?, Peter Roberts, Bernard Beech(Captain), Geoff Weller, David Gough?

I have just read a few more postings and Jayne got me thinking, and I
have been trying to think of some of the girls at Coley School – sorry Ladies.   I’ve come up with Janice Watkins, Sandra Wheeler, Wendy Snook, Ann Kearsley, Ann Downes, Shirley Betts, Veronica Pike, Barbara Shipton, Sheila Patrick, Joan Evans, Pat Nott, Pat Gibbard, Pamela Hathaway, Pat Plumridge, Wendy Smith, Susan Barnes, Carol, Kate, Angela, Beryl, Joan and Jean Robbins, Carol Vickers, ……..Titheridge.  All at Coley about the same time as me or my sisters Wendy and Janet.
That’s all for now.

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