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Hello Rachel

I have attached a copy of the Coley School Football Team,circa 1953. Teddy was the Goalkeeper,(he was a good goal keeper) and I am the small one on the left.

coley school football team

From the Left, back, If I remember correctly was,Alan Jenkins,….?Fowler,Teddy Lock,Clive Upton,?,Joey Gibbs,Barrie Harris:Left Front,Geoff Weller,Derek Lavell,Rodney Humphries,John Beech(Capt)Ronnie McQuiston?,Gordon Taylor,and Ken?Matthews,the linesman.

Charlie Welfare was our Sports Teacher who also organised trips to see the Schoolboy Internationals at Wembley.  As you can see we won the Primary Schools B League.

Coley School had a history of good sport teams including the girls Netball teams and swimming record.I can remember Teddy working at the Garage. My elder brother was Tony Weller who was about Barry’s age,and he married Jeanette Mayo,from 104 Wolseley Street,they went to school together. Jeans Mother is now 102 years old and still lives in Wolseley Street. I also had  sisters Janet and also Wendy who is about Teddy’s age. She went to Coley School and then Katesgove.We lived in Bright Street,just around the corner and over the Holy Brook.

Well Rachel I hope this fills in a little of Dads Coley History.

I am also doing a lot of Family History and would be interested in any Coley History you have. My Grandad worked and lived on the John Bucknell Farm at Coley Park,where he worked as a ploughman and lived at North Lodge in Coley Park,sadly now gone.

John’s Site is very interesting and I can Also recommend a site run by Kevin Rosier at

Love to hear from you


Geoff Weller

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