David Wiffen – Coley

Hi John and Yasmin,
good to hear of a Coley resident interested in the past. Joanie and I did a lovely walk around Wolsey street and Field Road etc at the end of July as we had just flown in from Australia that morning, and as an Australian she was interested to see my old home in Boston Avenue, before we hired a taxi to take us around Reading School and places that my parents lived in as well in Christchurch road.
My brother and sister went to Coley primary in the 1950’s and early 1960’s and now live in Horsham and Stanford, but none of us remember any references to Coley Steps other than the few photos.
It will be interesting hear what you turn up, as I would have thought the school and the church would have had some photos, records as well.
Regards Dave Wiffen
PS Iwill try to get my brother and sister to search their memories again too.DJW

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