Jo Parsons – Southcote

Martin, my husband, was a pupil at Reading School and is now a school governor. He forwarded your name to the Old Boys Association but they say they are already in contact with you. Hope they have been helpful in connecting you with old friends.
Re. Tom Bucknall and the Farm in Circuit Lane. I remember visiting the farm with a wheelbarrow to collect a bale of hay for our pets. Tom lived in my current village (Bradfield) and in fact I’m friends with his widow – Barbara. He died a happy man, gazing at his beloved cows while leaning on the five-barred gate to the field.

Alan Brown, Alan Redgrave and Alan Whiting were the infamous three Alans, along with David Snarey. I’ll send you a photo of Alan Redgrave, Alan Brown, Peter Collins and myself playing outside our house. We see Alan Brown from time to time and it’s great to catch up.

I’m starting to collate my memories of Southcote and will eventually print a book for our family, a recollection of the era through my eyes. I’ll forward bits to you if you like.

Also the lady at 231 is Esmee and she still lives there – the family surname at 245 was Millard.

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