Mike Sharp – Coley


Still the memories come back I attached the pics which might be interesting to Coleyite’s regarding the school. One is the program for the summer fete 1953

& of the recorder group with me (the only boy as I remember) and I am certain the girl to the right of me in pic was Sonia Wiffin with Miss Scoble on piano.

I lived with my grandparents at 34 Field Rd ( Gordon grocery store) there was Matthews veg shop and Gerry’s fish & chip shop on the corner.

The fish shop caught fire one night and Grandad told me to run & tell Gerry . Gerry, I called out, the shop’s on fire and he ran up the road into the shop and picked up the cash till and ran out again. ha!

One other sad tale was the bread delivery was made by horse & cart. One day the horse was standing by Jesse Terrace and put his neck over the spiked railing gouging his neck – he wore a big sheep skin bandage after.

Have recognised some names from the web site that I would have been at school with, also brought back memories of Stony Hill etc riding our scooters down the hill and screeching to a stop at the bottom.

Mike sharp

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